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Minonzio S.r.l. was founded in 1947 as Minonzio Dionigi and, in 1980, it became Minonzio S.r.l.

For years we have specialized in the production of flexible metal sheathing, plastic tubing and applying plastic to metal wire and tape.

Experience, expertise, capacity, professionalism, dependability and quality are the principles by which we work.

Today, our production is organized into two specific departments:

  • The Spiral Winding Department in which we have machinery that, starting from metal wire, produces spirals (casing) conforming to the specifications, dimensions and techniques required by our various customers;

  • The Extrusion Department in which we have extruders that can put a plastic coating on the following types of products:

    • The spirals produced in the winding department (the finished product is the casing).
    • Metal wire and strip.
    • The strand metal’s cable.
    • Aluminum pipe.

In addition, we can also produce a plastic tube that is used by our customers as a shield in other types of products.

    The Management of Minonzio S.r.l. has always set ourselves the objective of supplying products that meet our customers' needs. Today, we recognize that successful companies must continuously improve their management and production systems. To achieve these objectives in a systematic and documented manner, the Management has decided to establish and maintain a system specifically developed for that purpose.
    Due to this Policy, MINONZIO has obtained from BVQI (Bureau Veritas Quality International) the following Conformity Certification:



    The products of Minonzio S.r.l. have applications in various industrial and commercial sectors, such as automotive, transport, furnishings, clothing, etc. and are addressed to a very diversified clientele both in relation to the type of product as well as their specific needs.

    The structure of our company is summarized in the following organization chart that shows the various levels of authority:


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